Sherida McMullan

The IGNITE Your Life conference was absolutely life changing. I attended with the expectation that I would gain valuable knowledge from both King and here speakers. The meditation session gave me a new perspective on how to get in touch with who I am and whose I am. During especially hectic times, it allows me a path to self-awareness, clarity and calm.

The session with Mike Murdock allowed me the opportunity to expand my faith. I have always been a tither and firmly believe in planting seeds. Dr. Murdock asked us to plant a seed of faith and then watch it grow by keeping a journal. My goal in the journal was to keep track of 3 miracles a day for 61 days. This allowed me a chance to look for small miracles on a daily basis which also limited my need or desire to complain. In the end, our company created a new award for the SVP and National Directors that had the largest number of attendees at the sales conference. My husband and I were given that honor along with $5K and I was immediately reminded of the seed I planted. God is so good!
February 2013