Stephanie Todd

Dear King,
Thank you for having the vision, fortitude, and determination to make the IGNITE conference a reality. At the time of your inaugural conference, I was experiencing multiple life crisis. At 30 years old, I found myself divorced after 12 years of marriage and a single mom of three kids with no support. I had lost my home, my 9 year old marketing business (that we founded together), and it seemed that everything I had sacrificed for my entire adult life had gone to waste. I was beyond devastated, confused, and depressed.

When I saw ads for the Ignite conference, something in my spirit would not let me ignore them. I registered quickly, without hesitation on how I could afford it, get there, or anything. That decision was perhaps, the best decision I made in all of 2012.

The Ignite conference was so much more than I thought. And, I want to say there is so much power in a name. Ignite is exactly what this conference did for me! It relit a fire in me I thought was dead. At the end of the 2 days, I was on fire and ready to go! I was no longer defeated, depressed, stressed! My vision was restored. My spirit was renewed. My hope rejuvenated! I released the hurt and pain and stepped into a new me. Ignite did not just tell me this is what I needed to do, it showed me exactly how to do it.

Today, my three daughters and I are doing fantastic! I’ve rebuilt my business (ALL BY MYSELF!!) and am moving full steam ahead to my destiny. I’m not yet where I want to be, but had it not been for Ignite, I may very well still be where I use to be. I cannot thank you enough.

– February 2013