Keisha Jones

I have been trying to figure out a picture or words to post to summarize my experience and I can’t! I came alone to your March conference it shifted somethings in my life and I have been forever changed… and ppl noticed. This time I came back with some close friends, my mom and sister. Though we couldn’t explain how it affected us, we shared “that feeling”. I want to say, Thank you Emeldine King Babila-Pinyin!!!!! Thank you for bringing together some of the strongest, talented, resilient, confident, fearless, ambitious and positive women who are mothers, wives, sisters, entrepreneurs and/or visionaries. You have blessed my life and ways words can’t express what that means to me. I have always felt like I didn’t quite fit in and you have helped me be ok with it. You have pushed me past the limits I set for myself. I have embraced that every experience I have overcame had a purpose to usher me to become the woman God has designed for me to be. Your spiritual faith and determination is contagious. You are my SHERO!! Thank you for the time you take to pour into me. I love you and look forward to growing with you!!