Dorothy Inez Fobbs

I would like to thank all of you wonderful ladies for the experience at the IGNITE Conference. It was my second event. When I left the first one in March I experienced many ups but mostly downs. I lost my mother in April, and I had to relocate for the second time within a year in July. The tools I learned at the Ignite conference taught me to embrace everything that came my way with grace. I learned to be grateful no matter what. I also learned to embrace and accept rejection as a lesson that better things were in store for me. This time I came feeling like I was in the middle of a major transition personally and professionally. I didn’t feel like I would be ready to take on the new things that I have in my path. Well let me tell you, I received all of the tools I need to take me to the next level. I had already vowed that I would not go on anymore job interviews because I have already made myself physically unfit to work 9-5 or to work for someone who wouldn’t give me the room to advance and grow. I feel like I have a lot to say and I feel like I have many people to reach. Because your Sisterhood Ignite Family I am ready to take on whatever comes my way with a positive outlook. Thanks for the love!!!!!!!!