Debbie Gilliam

Greetings KING!

The 2014 IGINITE Conference was “OVER THE TOP” with energy, anointing, soul searching and revealing breakthroughs. The first conference “Forgiveness”, I was asking myself about forgiveness. The second conference Friday’s, “BluePrint”, I missed the morning session due to court appearance but attended afternoon. Third is the charm, I knew I must attend especially after you said BluePrint on the call. I am so grateful to attend. I understand my reason for being is to “receive the teachings” to reach others and my disappointments are stepping stones in the journey.
I always watch Paula White via TV when possible and Pastor Edward sealed Friday night. My spirit was so ready to receive ALL that was delivered and I continue to bask and meditate. OH MY! The breathing “Trinity” exercise, I felt the light beam from my head thru my body. I love you for pouring deeply into us! EVERYONE on the panel was AAA+!!! and shared the Love.


Many Continue Blessings