April 2016 Conference Testimonials

Good afternoon ladies! I am still so excited and fired up from IGNITE 2016! WHOOO! Well its testimony time, this is my 1st of many from this Amazing experience. I say this as humbly as humanly possible, not to brag or boast so here goes. Well since Ignite I’ve been having all of these visions and thoughts, I’ve even heard my name being called since Friday night! Well this morning I was listening to Tony Robbins (yes I’m coachable)…And he said something that was so crystal clear that I have been thinking about it all day. Well he said How can a person expect to give more when they are “rich” when they wouldn’t even give a dime from a dollar! I was like Whoa WOW this is absolutely true. Most people are often so money strapped that they can’t or won’t even imagine giving from the checks they’ve work 40 hours a week for. So I was thinking about this…And what I did was I said Hey I have a little extra money, so instead of buying lunch today with my $10 let me change it for all $1 bills, this is exactly what I did, I so far handed out $4 to 4 different homeless men and it was the BEST feeling in the world. I promise you, one guy said people have been walking past him all day and he smiled and said Thank you! WOW. Its feelings like this that makes me want to keep going. I know I have a lot to offer the world and soon the world will know my name too! I AM DEVIN! Thank you ladies for listening.

Dev Briscoe

I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday, but I want to thank you King. You are such an amazing force and Spirit and I truly appreciate your mentorship, and thank you for your selflessness. You are not only impacting my life, but my family’s lives are evolving because of you!

Kimberly Gunn-Ridley

Good morning ladies of IGNITE! Wow this weekend ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I’m so grateful that I got to share this experience with my mom and one of my Best friends!

Devin Lollar

What an amazing weekend and a great end in celebration and tribute to our Queen of Zamudah Emeldine King Babila-Pinyin and how she selflessly continues to pour into us and her community!

Shimah Wheatley

Good Morning 😊 King! GM IGNITE Ladies! This was the best thus far. I walked a mile this morning. #TAKEACTION #EVOLVE

Tanya Alexander

You are a symbol of everything that is possible! Proximity is truly Power! I feel Bold and more confident! I AM Ready! I have better clarity and I am learning to stay in tune! Yes this is just the beginning.

Vivien Azike AKubue

I had AHA Moments!!! I feel different being at work today already . I have created my strategy for this job, my business, my family. You definitely instilled courage and FAITH in my heart.. Thank you for taking the time to bless me and God will continue to bless you. I AM.

Ejeni Gideon

Queen King I just want to thank you for a phenomenal weekend. I’m soooo glad I came!! Not only did I get motivated and gained some knowledge, I got to meet some beautiful women!! Can’t wait for next year!!

Styvette Turnbull

This was some of the gifts and blessings we received to register as A Diamond VIP member. This was a must and definitely ordained by God to receive such an honorable and memorable 1st time experience and definitely a member for life!

Janice Renee Carter – VIP Diamond Member

    November 2014 Conference Testimonials

    Greetings KING! The 2014 IGINITE Conference was “OVER THE TOP” with energy, anointing, soul searching and revealing breakthroughs. The first conference “Forgiveness”, I was asking myself about forgiveness. The second conference Friday’s, “BluePrint”, I missed the morning session due to court appearance but attended afternoon. Third is the charm, I knew I must attend especially Read More…

    Debbie Gilliam

    I have been trying to figure out a picture or words to post to summarize my experience and I can’t! I came alone to your March conference it shifted somethings in my life and I have been forever changed… and ppl noticed. This time I came back with some close friends, my mom and sister. Read More…

    Keisha Jones

    Thank you Emeldine King Babila-Pinyin for your time and dedication to equip women. I have an incredible time this weekend with a phenomenal King Pinyin on stage. I was moved beyond measures by your teaching, and have cleared and renewed my mind. I feel ignited and ready to fly. #Ignite2014

    Sylvie Nomeny

    I am sure that we all walked away Ignited. Seeing life and our relationship through a clearer lens. I’m grateful for this platform and our business. As I read, Breakthrough, I pray to plant better thoughts so that I can grow higher. I am ready to do this work and get grounded. Thank you to Read More…

    Somone Bruner

    Thank you Emeldine King Babila-Pinyin for such an empowering weekend and for helping me to nourish and nurture my spiritual self. ‪#‎Ignite2014‬

    Bessy Molina

    Going into the Ignite Womens Conference…I fasted as Emeldine King Babila-Pinyin suggested and I prayed and mediated on “Divine Expectations” all week, not knowing how that would manifest. I could have never imagined what God had planned. All I can say is This weekend I was completely fed mind, body and spirit! God showed up Read More…

    Kimberly Gunn-Ridley

    Thank you, thank you so much Emeldine King Babila-Pinyin.Your every effort to transfer greatness was mission accomplished and truly words are not able to hold the joy, understanding, peace and assurance I now possess because you ladies, speakers and teachers cared enough and continue to turn and give back. Holding the door open for others Read More…

    Retha Bowman

    Emeldine King Babila-Pinyin thank you for pouring so much into our lives. You brought together an amazing group of teachers and givers for us to learn and elevate our thinking/actions. ‪#‎IGNITE2014‬ is about creating an equipped army of women that are empowered, strengthen, and inspired to follow their purpose. To be doers. To be leaders. Read More…

    Ivette Mayo

    I just got back from the most amazing weekend at Ignite Your Life Conference. I am so ready to implement all the great nuggets I received this weekend. The timing could not have been better. Thank you Emeldine King Babila-Pinyin for following God’s calling to pour into women through your conferences (250+ strong this weekend). Read More…

    Ranelli Williams

    What can I say about the woman of the weekend!! Anointed!!! Thank you DPSVP King Pinyin!

    Lisa Douglass-Doe

    I have been trying to figure out a picture or words to post to summarize my experience and I can’t! I came alone to your March conference it shifted somethings in my life and I have been forever changed… and ppl noticed. This time I came back with some close friends, my mom and sister. Read More…

    Keisha Jones

      March 2014 Conference Testimonials

      Yes, l had a awesome time. I will never be the same.. This conference was well worth the 8 hour trip all the way from South Carolina… My mind, body, and soul is well.. We will see you in November… I truly thank God for you Emeldine King Babila-Pinyin I pray that God restore you Read More…

      Yolanda Brown Magwood

      I’m so FULL! and Grateful to be in the midst of such AMAZING women who are not only successful but have the desire to let everyone of us know that you can do it too! There is no limit EVERYTHING is Ridiculously Possible! Time to Shine, Shine, Shine!

      Khai Stuart

      First time @ #ignite and better believe I will be back. KING PINYIN, YOU FREAKING ROCK!!!!#teampower #NY

      Natalie Proctor

      Ignite was AMAZING! Completely awesome and inspiring. I got so much, including most of all the ministry and the pure gold I have in this business and that it is my business to share it every opportunity I get. And while every one of the leaders who spoke from the stage was absolutely empowering and Read More…

      Dani Elle

      I could have not had a better birthday present! I spent that day at #ignite Women conference with my mentor and coach Emeldine King Babila-Pinyin Isn’t it amazing that she was recently featured in the special Edition of WOW (Woment of Wheath) magazine along with first lady Michelle Obama I am so blessed! It was Read More…

      Sylvie Nguena Ouelega

      Incredible #Ignite# A shout out to these incredible women who inspired the hell out of me during the #IgniteYourLife Women’s conference last week end… I’m short of words but just want to say I’m sooo grateful to have been part of the movement. All the Blessings to Emeldine King Babila-Pinyin , to Chereace Richards, Coach Read More…

      Blanche Virginie Etock Ewane

      King Emeldine Babila-Pinyin words cannot express my gratitude for what I experienced this weekend at the IGNITE Conference. Illuminate and Shine!

      Ranelli Lindsey-Williams

      Just returned home after a dynamic 3 day Ignite Conference which was the brain-child of Emeldine King Babila-Pinyin, an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and teacher. All of us who attended have re-committed to getting it done. The panel was phenomenal, they were all leaders in their own areas of expertise. Kudos to King for bringing it Read More…

      Donna Shepherd

      I enjoyed my weekend with this amazing woman along with many others. Thank you King Pinyin for blessing us with a life changing event. Can’t wait until November for the next event. #igniteyourlife #illuminateandshine

      Denayne Barlow

      Today was RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING!! #IgniteYourLifeConference

      Tanisha Mitchell-Williams

        November 2013 Conference Testimonials

        The seed in me will flourish indeed. Words cannot express how I felt when I held Dorine tight not even knowing she was the one until she called my name. I couldn’t stop the tears for I could feel something powerful in me. The seed in me will flourish and I am forever grateful for Read More…

        Khien Nkimberg

        Ignite Your Life Women’s Conference, Nov. 2013 was da bomb dot com!!!! Just AMAZING and life changing!! I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet, chat, and connect with so many phenomenal ladies!!!! If you missed out… Oh My God… Just mark your calender for March 14-16th, 2014!! #IgniteYourLife

        Harlette Metangmo

        I am so high off of the spirit I received this weekend I haven’t even been to sleep yet…..I am so filled with anticipation as to the wonderful happenings that will be birthed. I am in awe of the planning & preparation that was made to help us be greater women. Every speaker helped me Read More…

        Trinae Thompson

        Day 3 at the Ignite Conference. What an amazing event. King Pinyin you are an amazing strong woman. You inspired me from the way you handled yourself this weekend while going thru a personal tragedy but you reminded us the joys of living with its complexity. You remained authentic and committed to the ladies. I Read More…

        Trudy Bindzi

        The women appeared as Angels singing God’s praise under the glorious lights shining while learning to equip ourselves from the powerful women speakers. The event was flawless. The theme and decor was totally breathtaking. With God’s Grace, I see incredible things happening in the future for Ignite ladies conference. Thanks a million Daughter King for Read More…

        Marie Alice Wooley

        There were so many defining moments for me this weekend but the one I want to share was from the meditation exercise that Emeldine King Babila-Pinyin did with us on Friday evening. I struggled so much during that exercise to find that quiet place to invite God in because of all the clutter in my Read More…

        Ranelli Williams

        Ladies! It was my absolute pleasure to be with you and share my fashion tips! It’s awesome to read your posts and know that your lives have changed in such a positive way. Each speaker touched me just as they did you. Now that you HAVE the knowledge, put it TO WORK!!

        Lana Rae

        I would like to thank all of you wonderful ladies for the experience at the IGNITE Conference. It was my second event. When I left the first one in March I experienced many ups but mostly downs. I lost my mother in April, and I had to relocate for the second time within a year Read More…

        Dorothy Inez Fobbs

          Past Conference Testimonials

          I was expecting just a “book read”. King’s mastermind was so much more. I was expecting just to improve in the area of business. However, the Mastermind helped me to understand why some areas in life were prospering and why some were not. When you know better you do better!” May 2-12

          Leigh Crutch

          I would like to share my experience while working with Double Platinum Senior Vice President King Pinyin. I met King at her Ignite your life Conference and I was just blown away by the information that was shared. She announced that she does mentoring and I knew that I just had to be in the Read More…

          Khieka Johnson

          The IGNITE Your Life Conference, this past October, was truly a life-changing event! Even today, I am still implementing the tools that I learned that weekend. I was fed in every aspect of life – spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. Although still reeling from the last event, I can’t wait to do it all again! Read More…

          Tanisha Williams

          Joining King’s mastermind group was invaluable. It truly opened my eyes to what it takes to be a great leader. Thanks King. You are a prime example of an awesome leader!!! May 2012

          Ranelli Williams

          My one-on-one coaching experience with King was truly amazing! From the welcoming connection in the beginning of coaching, to the earnest close, the time spent with King ushered me to a deeper place of examining God’s purpose for my life in so many areas. Oh, So many “aha” moments — so many moments of “I Read More…

          Audrina Jones Bunton, MA, LPCA

          I prefer one-on-one coaching because it’s more personal. So when King and Sunny finally came to Northern California, I took advantage of their presence here. My personal coaching with King was extraordinary. We had 45 minutes to an hour of coaching per week. Just she and I talking on the phone. She didn’t tell me Read More…

          Sherry Alberto

          The IGNITE Your Life conference was absolutely life changing. I attended with the expectation that I would gain valuable knowledge from both King and here speakers. The meditation session gave me a new perspective on how to get in touch with who I am and whose I am. During especially hectic times, it allows me Read More…

          Sherida McMullan

          I do my very best to take full advantage of every opportunity I have to attend any event that King Pinyin is involved in. Sine my first time experiencing the “King effect” I knew that my life would never be the same. Ignite Your life was far greater than anything I’ve ever experienced. I’m EXPECTING Read More…

          Sharece Crawford

          In 2012 I experienced King Pinyin’s very relevant personal coaching sessions. During each session, I literally felt like she held up a mirror that helped me discover hidden truths about myself. Over the six week period, I learned to push past many self-imposed barriers that I never knew existed. As a result of the personal Read More…

          Pam Coleman, Entrepreneur/College Professor

          My first Ignite Conference was inspiring, uplifting and life changing! I left empowered to step forth and received all that God has for me and know that the only limitations are imposed on me by me!! November 2012

          Jeanette Baker

          The months preceding Ignite, I was on a spiritual journey, working on gaining a deeper relationship with God. I was fasting, meditating, praying but still feeling empty. The very first evening of Ignite, King took us through a meditation exercise and in that short time, everything I’d spent months looking for was revealed to me. Read More…


          The Ignite your life 2012 women’s conference was fantastic. The training and trainers were 100 percent top notch. It was two days of pure learning and self-development, such speakers as Gail Crower and Kiki Ramsey showed us how to turn fear into purpose passion and power. We also heard from Isra Wynn 5 time world Read More…

          Caroline Mallory

          Dear King, Thank you for having the vision, fortitude, and determination to make the IGNITE conference a reality. At the time of your inaugural conference, I was experiencing multiple life crisis. At 30 years old, I found myself divorced after 12 years of marriage and a single mom of three kids with no support. I Read More…

          Stephanie Todd

          The Ignite conference was phenomenal! I truly had a wonderful time fellowshipping and meeting new women with the common goal! I am looking forward to the next ignite to life conference! – November 2012

          Elaine Toombs