Tishina Anderson


Tishina Anderson is a national and internationally known entrepreneur, speaker, and success coach. In a remarkable four years, Tishina has built a network of over 25,000 successful self sustaining entrepreneurs. She also developed ordinary people as leaders in building their own at home business, earning six figure incomes.

Long before Tishina became one of the most highly respected, top producing income earners in her company, she was just an average girl growing up in Baltimore, Maryland wanting everything that life has to offer. Tishina grew up in a single parent home, where she was raised by her mother. Her mother always told her if she wanted something in life she had to go get it and to never give up on what she wanted.

With that motivation, Tishina put herself through college by working two to three jobs and taking full time courses. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Maryland, College Park; and that was just the beginning. After college she became a teacher for Baltimore City Public Schools, where she gained an interest in developing and helping people. Tishina has a profound love for children; but she also discovered that she could become an advocate of teaching financial education. In 2004, she decided to dive into Corporate America. She quickly worked her way to the top of a popular Fortune 500 company, only to find out that there was a “glass ceiling”.

In Feb 2006, Tishina started her journey into entrepreneurship with 5linx Enterprise. She quickly became one of the top leaders within the company. After three months she tripled her income, which allowed her, with only seven months in the company, to retire from corporate America and continue full time with her business. In seventeen months, Tishina was awarded a silver BMW from the company for reaching the Senior Vice President position. After 3 years of excelling with the company she retired her mother and was able to make it to the top in the company where she was awarded a silver Bentley for the Platinum Senior Vice President position.

Tishina has been featured in “Your Business at Home Magazine” and also “Success from Home Magazine”, which they also filmed a Lifestyle Video. This video has been sold in popular bookstores around the world. Although Tishina has received national recognition for her accomplishments, she soon realized that her passion is to speak and to motivate people to become successful entrepreneurs.

Most recently, Tishina became a Platinum Speaker with Best Selling author and world renowned speaker Les Brown. Now she is connected with some of the most highly regarded motivational speakers in the country. Tishina currently resides in Upper Marlboro, Maryland where she enjoys developing leaders and entrepreneurs as well as traveling, reading and spending time with her family.