Kamilla Collier


Profound. Passionate. Powerhouse. The words ring synonymous for those that have ever been under the sounds of her voice and tutelage. Petite in stature, she speaks as a giant. Humble in spirit, she trains without censor. Ordinary in circumstance, she excels extraordinarily—and demands that from all around her.

Whether you know Coach Kay the trainer, the speaker, the entrepreneur, the mentor, or the beauty queen – you will know Kay as the brand for effecting change in your life and winning big –no nonsense style.

Her perspective on winning in life are as relevant as they are timeless. Her influence is epic. Her inspiration is transcendent. Her coaching style is unparalleled. And her his philosophy is simple: You can win in anything in life with the right thinking, the right tools and the right coach—and you had better start winning now.

She is Coach Kay, and her passion resides in coaching people from all walks to their personal best. It’s why she has authored dozens of trainings and workshops on winning in all aspects of life. Why she has spoken to thousands of people on transformational thinking. And it’s why she founded Coach Kay Enterprises, an organization grounded in Kay’s passion for transformation, ultimate joy and winning the game of life.

Who is Coach Kay
Coach Kay, born to the world as Kamilla Collier-Mullin, is a nationally renowned trainer, coach, and keynote speaker who has spoken forums of thousands. Kamilla founded Coach Kay Enterprises and Transcendent LLC, organizations that have provided training, self development series and mentoring to participants of all ages and profession. Every year she speaks to Fortune 100 companies, MLM business leaders, non-profits, churches, schools and her private mentees and organizations such as 5Linx Enterprises Inc. where she holds the esteemed position of Senior Vice President. She has also spoken for corporations like, Walmart, Children’s National Medical Center, Howard University, and Department of Health and Human Services. Her messaging and strategies has been shared through a variety of shared of press outlets including ABC’s “Working Woman”, WPGC 95.5 “Community Focus”, Praise 104.1 “Praise in the City”, “Let’s Talk Live” on TBD and numerous print and online publications. And just to keep things exciting, she is also the reigning Miss Black America DMV.

If she’s not travelling the country training leaders or inspiring others through her passionate words, she is running programs through her non-profit Cecey Foundation, Inc.—founded by Kamilla, in honor of her mother, for the benefit of children that have lost a parent to violence. Currently Kamilla is a GSVP with 5Linx Enterprises Inc.