Curt Anderson

Curt Anderson is a Fitness Motivator and Online Health Coach as well as a Network Marketer with 5Linx. He’s originally from Baltimore, MD but now resides in Northern, VA. As a kid growing up in the inner city of Baltimore, he turned to sports as an alternative to the street life that many of his friends had taken. Soon there after, he became a standout football and baseball player as well as Baltimore City’s High School Champion wrestler. He went on to wrestle at the collegiate level and has always stayed connected to sports and fitness.

As an adult, he has finished two full 26.2 mile marathons as well as a half marathon, one triathlon and two obstacle style “Tough Mudder” marathons. He came back to Baltimore after a business career change and began coaching at his high school Alma Matter. After coaching for some time, he fell in love with helping the kids and their parents lose weight and stay in shape. His High Intensity Interval Cardio Training (HIIT) style has helped hundreds of people drop weight, lose inches, tone up, gain muscle and live a healthier life. Today you can find him hosting group training bootcamp’s and providing coaching online via social media. His personal motivation for fitness is to stay healthy so he can enjoy a great life with his wife and four kids.