Accelerate Your Life Conference

A 2 ½ day conference featuring keynote speakers with diversified backgrounds in the areas of personal development, leadership, finance, business, health, relationship, spirituality, and entrepreneurship. A must for those who want to:

  • Network with, and meet with like-minded individuals from around the world with the purpose of advancing their sphere of influence;
  • Learn new techniques and strategies to turn your life, business or organization around
  • Organize yourself so that your creative thought process can come alive!
  • Become the Most Valuable Person (M.V.P) in your community, department or company
  • Begin the journey to becoming Debt Free in a few years
  • Re-position yourself to win or recover from the layoffs, downsizing, and economic meltdown.
  • Participate in a round table discussion with leading experts in the areas of Personal Development, Finance, Health, Relationship, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, & Spirituality
  • Improve upon personal, career or leadership abilities;
  • Learn how to start, grow or advance a business to the next level;
  • Develop better relationships or improve upon existing relationships
  • Understand the importance of proper diet and exercise to the human body
  • Understand the purpose and meaning to life in general and how our daily thoughts control our lives.

Dates: TBD